World Café Vienna

World Café Vienna

At the project kick-off meeting held in Vienna an additional event - a “World Café” two-day session for logistics stakeholders was organised on 23-24th November. The idea of the meeting was to get them familiar with HubHarmony and get a view of external stakeholders on the current trends in logistics within Information Exchange and the use of Internet of Things, on how a hub region may develop in the future and on the influence of innovation on processes at multimodal hubs.

To be more specific three separate brain-storm sessions were held that targeted the following items:

Internet of Things & Information

  • What information is most relevant to actors engaged with multimodal inland hubs today? And what are the current barriers of transferring them?
  • What information will be most relevant to actors engaged with multimodal inland hubs in short-term future? Which services will emerge using the potential of current knowledge regarding Internet of Things?
  • Which services will be asked for, taking into regard the future development of Internet of Things?

Hub region

  • What are known value added services at a multimodal inland hub, which are not directly related to its core functions (e.g. transhipment, storage etc.)?
  • How could a hub region develop in near future? What could it offer to its surrounding?
  • What importance will services related to a hub's surrounding have, compared to the services at the hub itself?

Process innovation 

  • What are the key value added services regarding a hub`s processes? And what are current barriers to enable seamless processes?
  • Which services would remove currently existing barriers for seamless processes at a multimodal inland hub?
  • How will future process innovation look like and which services will be necessary?

The "World Café" was participated by the project partners but also by the representatives of terminals, logistics operators, rail operators and forwarders. The main problems raised by the stakeholders concerned the strong need for reliable, standardized and real-time information that could enable better management of logistics processes and resource utilization.



The Institute of Production and Logistics at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)




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