World Café Antwerp

World Café Antwerp

On the 7th of June 2017, experts from science and practice gathered to participate in a World Café held within the HubHarmony project in Antwerp, a city very much interconnected with and renowned for its freight transport. The 86 Terminals of the Port of Antwerp have an annual transhipment volume of over 210 million tons of marine cargo including almost 120 TEU of maritime containers.

After a short overview of HubHarmony by Manfred Gronalt, the facilitator M. Jerker Sjörgen gave an introduction to the world café concept, which aims to generate collective knowledge, develop new perspectives and ways of thinking. Following this, the around 20 participants exchanged ideas in several rounds, which were all introduced by short talks by members of the HubHarmony project team.

Practitioners and Scientists discussed the different user groups of Hubs, Information Requirements this user groups have as well as the suggested terminal profiles. They argued about the possibility to measure and the need of such profiles. Value-added-Services (VAS) were ranked and their positive and negative impacts on the economy, innovations, people and the environment as well as on the transport system were debated. Finally, Jelle De Parade (LINEAS), a partner in the HubHarmony project, presented the LORO service developed by Lineas Intermodal.



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